Welcome to Madagascar , the beautiful island

Mamisoa Rabemananjara said Mâm organizes tours to Madagascar, has been operating since 1995 in ecotourism as a tour guide.


Madagascar , is a beautiful country, rich in biodiversity, Cactus and Baobabs took the places of Tours and Big Building. Here you have the best chance to find happiness! But the real way to happiness is to give to others. Leave the earth better than leaving you found.

Tourists who come into contact with MAM marvel at the unique flora and fauna, art and culture  , malagasy handcrafts, without forgetting the gastronomy. National Parks , protected reserves, huge deserted white sand’s beaches. 

You will meet the Malagasy people in their real life , survival, far from cities's infrastructure.

Tourism in Madagascar, has an economic impact on the native people, who can then take charge.

So , Tourism which we will do Together is not a tourism only for now, it is tourism that preserves , sustains for the other , the comming generations.

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