Rent a car

Rent for several days (7 days and more)
-Car and driver are included in the service, drive between and in the evening.
-Customers have in charge Fuels, from and back to the starting point of the trip.
-On the back way ;   the car, even unladen ,  is taxed with one (1) day of rental cost.
-It is always advisable to book at least 30 days in advance.


Tarif :

Type of car Maximum passenger Daily rate Consumption per 100km
light car  3 80 000 Ariary 8liters
Monospace 4 100 000 Ariary 10liters
Minibus 8 120 000 Ariary 10liters
Minibus 14 150 000 Ariary 10liters
4x4 car on road 4 120 000 Ariary 10liters
4x4 on pist 4 150 000 Ariary 13litres



We make also transfer service. From one City to another  or  from one City to an Airport.

The cost of a transfer will be evaluated following  journey’s  length and the type of car.


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