DANGALIA - Malagasy Restaurant-  +261 320 285 226

Located in the southern part of Antsirabe ‘s City , DANGALIA  is a tavern where you can test the Malagasy cooking prepared whit local products.

ANTSIRABE :Rich in water, produces vegetables and fruit, even refueling several town of Madagascar. Antsirabe is also famous for its dairy products. As a city of water, it explains the implementation of a big beer factory,  « Brasserie STAR », unique on the island.

The Malagasy cook :

Unpretentious, but spoiled by  the best quality products that nature offers.

Zebu, pork, chicken are the most common. Turkeys, geese meat, ducks  are dedicated to celebration days. Freshwater fish are also familiar, and of course seafood (tuna, dorado, swordfish captain, lobsters, prawns, crab, ...) for those who live on the coasts.

Varieties of vegetables, depending on the region and climate. Anything you want: seeds, leaves, stems, roots.

Ginger, garlic, tomatoes and onions are a base to season. There is no harm in removing the fat from coconut, just know dosing to enhance the flavor and fragrance.

A ubiquitous accompaniment to any meal: rice, can be prepared in different ways depending on the mood of the cook and the ingredients available.

Fruits are in abundance, beautiful by nature, have a taste that combines all the qualities ... it's perfect.

All these products judged hight quality , combined with foreign influence, especially European changed the daily life of the Malagasy cooking , visibly enriched with unexpected dishes like cheese, "foie gras", fresh frut juice ,profuse and diversified, without telling about alcohol and wine.

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