In general, the programs proposed here are editable ,flexible .So circuits are on request
Contact us, and together, we will define the program,more detailed ,depending on the length of your stay and all your wishes.Also the corresponding price.

Be including in the price offered :
A Tours Guide :
- During your trip, an English speaking guide, who knows the way, and is used to cope, to confront with travel’s unforeseen events, will accompany you. He will ensure your transfer to the airport; in Antananarivo, or other big city before leaving you.

Trekking and camping :
- To make trekking and camping, you have to know the places, customs, and taboos. The trails are not marked and maps inaccurate. Except in national parks where camp sites are defined.Then in camping, we can provide tents and mattresses. Your guide will take care of the kitchen. Likewise you will not have to carry your heavy bag during treks: our porters are in charge, so you can enjoy your holiday and your discoveries.


- Hotels are middle class, simple, but with careful hygiene standard.

- Transport means FUEL and CAR with Driver .
For transport, the vehicles are reliable. 4 X 4 cars or minibus, depending on the need and the road condition. The drivers are also mechanics, and familiar with the course.. Oxcart, bicycle, rickshaw, canoe, train, are also part of transport.

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