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Ambositra : A hiking through the hills, from village to village in "Zafimaniry».  Ranked World Heritage by their authentic lifestyle  , the  exceptional village structure  and their knowledge in wood work..

-trek of 1 day : start from Ambositra, visiting a village "Sakaivo" or "Ifasina", around 4 hours walk
-trek of 3 days : 4to 5 hours of walking per day, spend the night among the villagers is the perfect way to meet and swap with these indigenous peoples.
-trek of 6 days : Direction South-east across the Zafimaniry villages ,out in Ranomafana, which can be chained by visiting the Ranomafana National Park.

 : To enjoy the place, the National Park ,as well as Village Park ,you need to stay at least 3 days in the area ; walking 5 to 6 hours  per day, admire the beautiful panoramic views of diverse landscapes. In the evening, the camp is often animated by typically Betsileo’s music.

 : Lovely image of Madagascar highlands, there are several variety of trecking itinerary. You can choose betwee  «  walk in the day and joining  the hotel  comfort  in the evening » or « leave the city to spend the night in the rural area and return to the city the day after ».

In the program :
- The historic village of Betafo: with their lake and waterfall, decorated by ricefields landscape . Also a possibility  of relaxing  in a bath of  hot thermal  source  ,near Anjazafotsy after walking.. (in one day).

-Ibinty-Mount: A nice ride , panning .Discovering rare palm tree found only in altitude, an endemic pachypodiums of Ibity-Mount.Ending  with a walk through some village and ricefields. (in One day).

- Maitso Clients (Maitso mean GREEN) :  sporty enough, for young and good walkers. A big  pleasure for those who like to discover the backgrounds. Villages, fields and ricefields, stream and small waterfall. Briefly, a day that reveals the strength of the highlands.

: An impressive geomorphology has given birth to this unique area , the South of Madagascar. We understand now why there are so many endemic flora and fauna. During the walk, there will be small stops to enjoy the pools.

Tsingy de Bamaraha : You have to set foot there. Rich in nature and culture, this limestone covered with a dense dry forest is classified as World Natural Heritage. Various circuits are proposed for everyone of all ages, sportif or not  can enjoy.

Ambalavao –East Coast
 : Departing from the dry and rocky landscape, cross rainforests, through the kingdom of  traveller’s tree or traveller’s palm (ravenalas) to reach the shores of the Indian Ocean. It will take six days to get to Manakara or 5 days for Vohipeno.

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